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Restaurant description:

Right next to the main square in Brasov, heading towards Tampa Mountain, in a building dating back in the 13th century you’ll gonna be amazed to find the first and maybe only genuine Steak House in Brasov : Keller Steak House.

Come and experience our extensive international menu consisting of genuine black angus Steaks, broiled to perfection, as well a wide variety of beef, pork, chicken, fish and New Zeeland lamb.

Get everything you deserve as a satisfied gourmand by strating with some nice sea food appetizer and a glass of a nice fruity Chardonnay while the bottle of Feteasca Neagra (Black Maiden – the best Romanian traditional red grape) is breathing in the decanter developing it’s best wild cherry flavour and velvety ending.

Everything will have high class standards. Your waiter will be smiling unconditionally and he will be eager to satisfy your request at all time. The music will be heard in the foundal creating a nice classy romantic atmosphere… THIS WILL NOT BE ENOUGH ! Untill your juicy tender medium to rare steak will be on your table to accompany that bottle of Feteasca Neagra wich will feel to be so less if you are having one of our nicest dry aged T-BONE or RIB-EYE and it will make you remember why you are here.

And after all of this , even if you’re feeling stoved, you will not be able to say no when the most polite waitress will recommend you the best Cheesecake in town and a sip of one of the most smooth brandy in Romania because you’ll be very curious to discover what quality heights Brasov can reach at Keller Steak House.

We hope you, our guest, feel great!